The mLabyrinth Project
Release News
New license with mLabyrinth (BSD-License)!
mLabyrinth 2.0.2 is out now, new features!
mLabyrinth 2.0.1 has been released today, try it out!
Wellcome to the Homepage of the Project "mLabyrinth"

mLabyrinth is programmed in Java (J2ME) for the CLDC 1.0 / MIDP 1.0 target to guarantee a wide-range support of devices running mLabyrinth.

The game itself is in german language. With the next release it will also be in english (and can be translated to many other languages, because of the new implementation of internationalization.)

mLabyrinth provides three maps with around 1,587,600 pixel2 at all. Although it has so much map material its size is very small (about 31kB) and allows a smooth walking through the map also on slower phones.

For a feature list have a glance at: Featureset Page.

With Version 2.0, mLabyrinth became very stable. When you experience incompatibility with your mobile phone, so please open a new bug track or eMail me or post in the forum. Leaving Siemens mobile phones aside, there should be no incompatibility with any Java powered cell phone.

So have fun playing this game!

It would be great to get some feedback from you, critics and about wishes of features and so on.

Greetings from Berlin, LordMiharbi