The mLabyrinth Project
Release News
New license with mLabyrinth (BSD-License)!
mLabyrinth 2.0.2 is out now, new features!
mLabyrinth 2.0.1 has been released today, try it out!
Do you want to create your own map? No Problem!

You can now simply create a map (ascii file) which you can assamble to a binary file which mLabyrinth can use and from which you can generate an image of the whole map.

Just download the mLabyrinthTools and maybe the examples.

Usage of mLabyrinthTools:

java -jar "mLabyrinthTools.jar" assamble <in> <out>

	in		Input file

	out 		Output file (output is in old map format)

java -jar "mLabyrinthTools.jar" disassamble <in> <out>

	in		Input file

	out 		Output file (needs to be in old format)

java -jar "mLabyrinthTools.jar" imagemap <options> <mapfile>

	options		nostart,nomoney,nosecret,nofinish
			just leave out a no-whatever to allow
			this to be seen on map

	mapfile		Input Map file (needs to be in old map format)

java -jar "mLabyrinthTools.jar" convert <option> <in> <out>

	option  	tonew = convert from old format to new map format
                        toold = convert from new format to old map format.

	in		Input file

	out 		Output file

        When converting your map to the new format you are ask about following
        - money at the starting point (should be around square-size2 * 4),
        - money to add when a coin is found
          (should be around money at starting point / 5),
        - the name of the map and
        - your name